Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Any Day Now

Today I am 38 weeks, 5 days pregnant! We are expecting and anxiously awaiting the new addition to our family, little Miss Evie. As exhausted as I know we will be, I can't wait to finally hold my little girl and see Pumpkin's face when he gets to hold his baby for the first time.

Yesterday, at my doctor's appointment, the doctor found that I am 80-90% effaced, but not dilated yet. He did say that my bump is "all baby." And despite my horrible genes (thanks, Mom :-)), he thinks I will be able to skip the c-section. Evie is head down and ready to go. She likes to push her little buns up under my ribs. I'm really going to miss that when she's out of here. Hopefully we will see some progress in the next couple of days.

Evie's room is all done and I have been too tired to even think about nesting anymore. Thankfully Pumpkin has been the wonderful husband that I know he is and has really stepped up to the plate the last couple of weeks. The dinner dishes, the bathroom, and the vacuuming would go completely undone if it weren't for him.

We have had a lot of company, at least more than I expected to be having in the last couple of weeks. We were able to have Ryan, Mary, & Madi over for a night of lots of laughs, as usual. We also have had Nate & MJ over several times. And if Evie decides to delay her arrival, then hopefully we will be seeing James & Briana next week. Briana is due 2 weeks after I am, so it's always fun to get together and compare bumps and pregnancy symptoms.

I am still working, hoping to continue this until I go into labor. I keep having dreams that my boss ends up having to take me to work, so hopefully this Thursday will be the day? It's been good for me to keep working. It gets me out of the house and I love see my little Nicky.

And for the last item on the agenda, the snow is melting! Dulles, about 3 miles from our house, has had 79.5 inches of snow this year. Just a little much, especially for Northern Virginia. And although I am happy about the snow melting, getting down the hill into the door is becoming quite the hazard, even more so than the ice was. Spring is coming!