Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Great Diaper Hunt

Yesterday I went on the great diaper hunt. I wanted to research the cheapeast place to buy them and by how much were they cheaper. After taking notes galore at Babies R Us,, Target, Giant, Wegmans, and Super Walmart, Walmart is by far the cheapest. The average diaper at Super Walmart is 6-12 cents cheaper than anywhere else.

It's amazing how many different brands of diapers there are also! I found four different KINDS of Huggies and four different KINDS of Pampers. Then we have Seventh Generation Baby, Earth's Best, store brand, Babies R Us store brand, Luvs, Up & Up, Parent's Choice, and then all the expensive organic completely earth friendly diapers that can start from $44.99 for four DIPOSABLE diapers and up.

Also I looked into the cloth diaper option. Yes, I'm insane to consider them when Pumpkin is willing to spring for disposable, but I wanted to see about a price difference, if there is one, and if so, how much. And yes, there is one. Is it siginifigant? Yes, I think so. Is it worth it? I'm thinking no, at least for now. Maybe when Evie is several months old, I will check back into it. It seems most moms started out using disposable and at anywhere from five months to one year switched to cloth. Actually with the options we have now, cloth diapers aren't even really cloth. They have a plastic outside with disposable/non-disposable inserts. The disposable inserts are more expensive than regular diapers though! I was amused however by the different brands of washable/cloth diapers: gDiapers, Fuzzi Bunz, BumGenius, Kushies, Bambino Mio, and of course, Happy Heiny.

All in all, we are going to go for disposable diapers at least until we are sleeping through the night. Maybe then I will have time to mess around with different kinds of diapers. And unless Evie has an adverse reaction to anything, I decide to use, I'm going to experiment with different brands of diapers to see what I like best. RIght now we have a package of Huggies, one of Pampers, and one of Luvs. Hopefully Miss Evie will be here soon, so we can start trying them out on her cute little buns!