Monday, June 21, 2010

3 Month Milestones

Eva is sleeping 12+ hours at night! It is nice to be able to get things done in the evening and still get lots of sleep at night.

Eva's schedule looks like this:
8:00am feeding
9:00am nap
11:00am feeding
12:30pm nap
2:00 feeding
5:00 feeding
5:30-6:30pm nap
7:15pm bath
8:00pm-8:00am bedtime
8:00am feeding

It may vary by an hour somedays, but most of the time, we go with the schedule.

I've been going back to the gym for about a month now. Its been really great to get out of the house for an hour each night. And I'm noticing a difference in my clothes which is always nice. :)

This weekend we went to Six Flags with James, Briana, Nate, MJ, and Wilna. Briana and I had to leave our babies at home, but we both had a great time with our hubbys. This was the longest I had left Eva before and I was ready to cuddle her when I got home.

On Sunday, we had a celebration with James and Briana and their extended family for the Father's Day. It was HOT. We weren't around for too long because the air was code orange for the day, which is dangerous for older people and babies. We are planning a celebration at the Baileys house for the 4th so that the babies will have somewhere cool to relax and chill (literally).

This week, we are going to hibernate on Wednesday and Thursday since the weather is going to be so icky. Tomorrow we are picking up Nicky, taking Izzy to work, and then heading back to the house for the day. Gina and the boys are leaving for the beach, so we will miss them. :(

Eva is standing up a lot. She still hasn't rolled over, but considering the fact that she has 20+ pounds to roll over, I'm not too worried. She is smiling and interacting with everyone. And her nightly baths with me are the highlight of my day.

Until next time... Pumpkin, Mommy, & Evie