Saturday, July 10, 2010


Here we are at 4 months! As cliched as it sounds, I really can't believe she is already that old. We are into our 6-9 month clothes (ahhhh!), but Evie still has teeny baby feet. She is just now fitting into her 0-3 month shoes. The fun part about that is...I might actually have a chance to buy her some things. No, for all of you getting excited...IIIII am going to buy them! :)

We had a trip to the beach the week before July 4th. It was a last minute trip, but much needed. It was great taking Eva to the beach for the first time.

Eva had her 4 month shots this week. She is up to 18 1/2 pounds. She did SO well for her shots. I put her paci in and held her hands. With the first shot, she gave me a "look" and with the second shot, she screamed once and she was back to her happy smiling self. A+ on shots, Evie!

Sleeping has been touchy for the past two weeks. She doesn't generally sleep well away from home plus a growth spurt equals a lot of waking up. She is still sleeping nice and long 8-9, but doesn't feel like enough when that first feeding is at 4ish instead of 8 like it used to be! The ped said that she should even out after this growth spurt.

We are officially cloth diapering full time! We have disposables on hand for when I am at the gym, but I think I am slowly converting Stephen with the ease of cloth diapers. It is mostly due to the ick factor, but since we are using disposables when we notice something other than a wet diaper coming on, we have only had 2 poopy diapers in cloth since we started. And it isn't really THAT bad. Or maybe mommies just have a higher level for what grosses them out. :)

We are going to J&K's for the weekend. The last time we were down there was when Eva was 6 weeks old, so hopefully she will be a good baby and not stress them out. After all, at some point she needs a playmate other than the cats. :)

Well, it is past midnight and I must run to bed. Good night all!