Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love this oufit!

On her tummy, talking to Mommy

She loves her pink car.

I see Daddy!

Up on all fours:

Mommy & Baby

I can do a self portrait all by myself!

Sophie & me. Every baby needs one of these. By far, the most expensive teether, but so worth it in my opinion. Sophie goes everywhere with us.

For many years, I always imagined raising my children around a very close family friend to be there for me. However, since we left the group, they have not wanted to see us, despite multiple attempts on our part to get together. Thats why today was such a blessing to see Grandma and Grandpa Gansel. I wanted to get this picture because as grandparents get older, its good to always have a reminder in case we lose them. We are trying to make plans to get together with them and the rest of the Gansel family because their family is one of the few that Stephen and I talk about on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. We really miss them.

My little angel baby

It was a long day, but I'm keeping Sophie close.

I love Stephen. I really do. But the man doesn't know how to dress a baby. Seriously. In case you can't see, she is in a onesie (that is backwards) and tights over top. He put her to bed in this because "the jammies were too small...or something". Thanks Babe for a great night out and an awesome belly laugh when I got home. Poor Eva.