Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Day, March 5, 2011

Stephen planned the actual birthday, so here is what we did.

I am ONE!

We started out at iHop for breakfast and got Eva some orange juice and smiley face pancake. She loved it!

(sorry, I couldn't get this picture straight no matter what I did!)

This was followed by a trip to the mall. Eva is teething like crazy, so she has her hands in her mouth all day long.

Still she manages to be a happy camper.

And because I can't resist baby toes :)

She ADORES balloons!

And then on to the carousel!

Followed by a train ride!

I think Stephen and I enjoyed the train ride as much as she did!

And finally some cake smash pictures:

She very neatly ate the little flowers and leaves off the cake and then crawled away. What a wierd, wierd little girl! :D

And this one is for Grandma. She LOVES her chair. She has learned how to rock in it and she just crawl over and get into it and then sit there and rock and smile. It is adorable!

Last update coming next for the birthday party! :)