Tuesday, March 22, 2011

First Birthday Pictures!!

Updating my blog last night was the spur I needed to get going on the birthday pictures, so here they are. I am editing them a little at a time, but I'll post as many as I can get in before bedtime.

Probably my very favorite one:

Having a little fun :D

Getting very excited!

On the move!

Cause its fun.

And cause the colors are so pretty:

Love her expression in these. She really REALLY loves rocking. :)

Yes, her hair IS red. Not brown. Not blonde. Not black. Just red.

Waving to Mommy and the Nickster

Hmmm, what trouble can I get in?

She was soooo done. :D

Please excuse any duplicates. I have no idea what I have uploaded until I have posted it. all in all, I LOVE how they turned out. Everyone that gets a copy of this as an email will get a hard copy of at least one of these. :)

Thats all for tonight, folks. Time for bed!