Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cloth Diapering

I have been wanting to do one of these posts for a long time and now that I have my lovely snazzy new camera, I took some stash shots tonight! I have forgotten how pretty they are. I am quite literally addicted. I have plenty of diapers and yet all I can do is browse diaperswappers to find more great deals and MORE diapers. *insert evil laugh here*

Here are some stash shots of the cloth diapers and I'm going to see what I can find of Missy in a cloth diaper as well.

No name cover, April 2010

Flip cover, April 2010

Bumgenius, size M (not sure what age, looking it up)

September 2010, Grasshopper, size M

Fishnoodles, size M

Swaddlebee, 13 months

And here is the promised stash shot:

In my stash, you'll find:
3 Softbums
chocolate w/insert
yellow w/insert
baby blue w/insert
Bottombumpers, size L
light pink
Rainshine Design, One size diaper
pink w/3 inserts
Swaddlebee, size M
BumGenius, snap converted, size L
Nana's Bottom, M
light purple
Grovia AIO (all in one), one size
light yellow (2)
light purple
Flip stay dry inserts, 10
Flip organic inserts, 4
Econobum covers, 2
white with pink trim
white with green trim
BG Organics/Elementals, onesize diaper, 18
I have 16 in snaps and 2 in aplix. Stephen prefers the aplix (like velcro)

Nobody understands being cloth diaper addicted better than a current addict, so with that, this blog post is dedicated to Kate! <3