Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In 3 months...

In 3 months, I will have a TWO year old! WOW! I ordered her party decorations yesterday, since I'll be very nice and pregnant then. Here is the theme:

In the next 3 months, we have a lot going on.
Christmas decorations and shopping are in full swing at our house:

After Christmas comes Stephen's birthday. He will be 29! :)

At the beginning of January for our FOURTH (!!!) anniversary, we are planning a trip to Ocean City. It will be sort of a babymoon as well. :)

Then at the beginning of March, Eva will be turning two!

At that time period, I hope to be having a baby! We had a gender reveal party a couple of weeks ago to tell some of our closest friends. Here is the fully loaded table at the party.

We invited David, Kate, & Grace, Katie, Jessie, Victoria, MJ, and Mom. Well, I should say that we invited more people than that, but those were the people that were able to make it. It was a great time! To announce it, we had the girls pop ballons with a message inside.

And the message:

Yep, it's a girl! I am psyched that Eva will have a sister and that I get to have another little girl. We do have a first name picked out, but have only told a couple of people. For now, she remains Bobo :)
Here's my belly on Thanksgiving.

I am since 2 weeks larger and boy, does it look it! Or at least I feel it! Tonight at work, I had a lady tell me that she didn't realize I was pregnant. At this stage in pregnancy, I was unsure whether that was a compliment or just a "boy, you look really fat!"
Eva has a new car seat that will allow her to rear face until 45 pounds if we wish. Right now, the guidelines are until 2 years, but if she is still happy rearfacing at 2, then we'll see about changing her.

We won a photo shoot wherein I was able to pick out my favorite pose and get a CD and several sheets of that pose. I like how it turned out. And for free, I'm not complaining. We got them done at Sears and it was great because it was uploaded into an online album. Then using online promo codes that I found, I was able to get 6 more sheets for free! So I made $5.99 (shipping) for a CD and 9 sheets of pictures. I don't think you can beat that!