Monday, January 23, 2012

Jan 2012

It's the new year and here are some cute pictures to start out the new year!
Eva's new hat, she picked it out all herself :)

She was thrilled to be on a walk. (We try to make it on an outdoor walk at least once a day, but it is sort of difficult with the horrible weather that we have had lately. Ice has been the precipitation of choice.)

She is such a free spirit- it reminds me so much of me. :)

And of course, she has such a personality.

She loves this hoodie because Mimi wears one just like it. Apparently to her, that is the only other person in the world that wears one because every time she wears it, she talks about Mimi wearing one also.
Little girl has QUITE the amount of hair. It is astonishing especially when I look back at how much she had even a year ago.

And she loves her daddy like no one else. This is one of her looks that she reserves especially for him. She has been practicing "wimmiiiing!" in the bathtub by laying on her stomach in the bathtub and kicking wildly about. It is pretty funny.

Eva is absolutely blossoming. Her language is out of control, I can't even count the amount of words that she knows. She is starting to put together some sentences and by sentences, I mean 2-4 words. It is so wonderful to start to be able to understand her!

Some of her favorite people right now:
She loves RJ. Every night when I tell her that we are going to see Nicky the next day, she always nods her head, thinks for a minute, and then asks, "RJ school?"
She loves Papa, my dad. When we say prayers before bed, I ask her what she is thankful for. Nine times out of ten: "Papa."
She loves Mimi, my mom. When I ask her who she wants to see, her answer is generally, "Mimi."
She loves Nicky. She knows she is going to see him fairly often, so she doesn't get terribly excited before she sees him. But when she does, it is accompanied by screaming and yelling. They rough house quite a bit these days and actually are requiring more supervision than ever. She is smart enough to ask him to get things for her and he is big enough to get into them without my help. They are constantly keeping me on my toes.
She loves Briana, aka "Bee-anna". She asks for Briana quite a bit. I'm not sure who she likes more: Briana or Lily. She isn't quite capable of asking for Lily yet, so sometimes I wonder if asking for Briana is the fastest way of asking for Lily. Although Briana does always have some of the neatest snacks ;)
I'm fairly positive that she is in love with my OB. She asks constantly to go to the "doc-tuuuuuh" and gets super excited to see him. He is pretty great!

Other things that Eva loves: She loves apple juice and can say this REALLY well. She loves oranges and bananas...mostly. Just when I think I have her figured out, she likes to switch things up. She also asks for waffles quite a bit. Stephen makes some really yummy (at least to her!) whole wheat waffles on Sunday mornings normally and she must remember them because she asks for them all week long.

She has been going through a stage of asking to go "nigh-nigh". She's not actually serious, if I put her in her bed, she would flip out. But she loves to grab "dog-dog" (aka Violet the Leapfrog dog), her blankie, a paci, and a pillow and then announce that she is going "nigh-nigh" as she lays on the floor.

Her new obsession: Dora! Yes, I am the mom with a child who loves Dora. She asks to watch "doorrr-doorrr-a" at least once a day. But it is amazing what she is learning from it. I never thought I'd be a believer, but tonight when Stephen was counting with her and Dora, she yelled "NINE!" after Dora asked what came next. And guess what? Nine DOES come after eight. :) Fortunately though, it really seems to be helping with the paci situation. I'm not terribly concerned with the paci, I had mine until I was 4 and I have the straightest teeth out of all 3 of us kids. But with her talking more, it's nice not to hear: "baaaaaaaaa-beeeeee?" all day long. She is no longer talking it during the day at all (she occasionally asks for it in the car, but she seems to understand that it is at home) except for naptime and bedtime. But she is willing handing it over when I ask for it.

We have been working on her colors but so far, the only one that she recognizes with any consistency is orange. This might be due to the fact that she has been eating oranges until her little bum turns red, but nonetheless, it is progress.

She is showing a really great interest in the potty. We have a Dora potty seat that goes on the toliet that she is obsessed with (obviously, it's Dora!) and she does grasp the concept that if she pees or poops in the big toliet that she will get some "can-neeeeee". However, she normally tells me right as she is doing said business. But we're working on it, no pressure. I'm going to take some time to read the 3 day potty training book and see if there are some ideas in there that we can implement. I'm not in a hurry, but more ideas can never hurt!

In other news: tomorrow is my 32 weeks appt! We are getting down to the home stretch of meeting Bobo! Here are some great belly shots. If you were in doubt before, I am definitely pregnant now!

25 weeks

26 weeks

27 weeks (man, this is making me realize how much I have actually gained!)

28 weeks

29 weeks (bare belly)

29 weeks

30 weeks

31 weeks

I'm definitely getting into that very "uncomfortable" stage of pregnancy. Things hurt. I can't breathe. I have to wake up to turn over in bed. Overall, just feeling really pregnant!

We do finally have a name. We have only shared it with close friends and family, the first name that is. The full name will be a secret until the baby is born. This (hopefully) will cut down on the stupid comments that are inevitable when you share something like that. (Seriously when did people care so much what you name YOUR child?) And when we say "we're not sharing the name", evidently to most people that means "please volunteer name suggestions". We're good. Thanks though. Hopefully she will be here soon so I can share it! :)

And with that, it is past midnight. Although I am not tired, I am going to at least lie down.