Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reese's Cloth Diaper Stash

Reese's cloth diaper stash is complete...well, for now...unti I see something else I want to try.

Right now, my favorite cloth diaper store, Abby's Lane is having a 4,500 fan giveaway. The store is about 30 minutes from us and I think I could live there! Such a great store.

Reese's newborn stash (these should fit her from birth to 12-15 pounds)

(2) Kissaluvs NB AIO
(3) Tots Bots Tiny Fit AIO
(2) Lil Joeys
(1) Swaddlebees Newborn Simplex AIO
(1) Grovia NB AIO
(6) Nana's Bottoms AIO, size S
(1) WAHM Monkey AIO
(6) Swaddlebees EcoNappi Pocket
(5) Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover, size 1
(13) Kl0s
(not picture-12) infant prefolds

Small Stash (these fit from around 12 pounds to 20 pounds)

(3) Tiny Tush Elites Pockets, size S
(2) Monkey Doodlez AIO, size S

One size stash (these fit from around 10 pounds to 35 pounds)

(10) BumGenius Elementals
(1) Rainshine Design AI2 shell w/3 inserts
(2) Ones & Twos AIO diaper
(1) BumGenius Freetime
(1) BumGenius 4.0
(1) Nala's Bottoms Ai2
(3) Bottombumpers
(2) Softbum Shells w/3 pods
(6) Grovia AIOs


(12) Regular size prefolds
(6) Flats
(1) Flip Organic insert
(6) gDiaper gCloth
(3) no name hemp inserts
(3) JoeyBunz hemp inserts, size S
(2) Flip covers