Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daily Updates & The Lasagna Fiasco

Every morning Reese takes a nap on the couch on her tummy. She sleeps for a good 2-3 hours generally. On her back...not so much. So we do what works.
Eva insists on being a part of every diaper change. Here she is, helping out.
Yesterday, Jessie and Katie came to see us for the day and they brought us some dinner: lasagna. Eva LOVES lasagna and was talking about it from the time I told her about it. I put it on the table to cool and set up, changed a diaper, and came back to this. She was telling me "lasagna good. Katie make lasagna. Good lasagna."
We are having fun as a family of four. Reese is a sweet baby, Eva is...well...a toddler, but a pretty awesome one, and Stephen & I actually still get to spend time together! I'm a very blessed mama!