Saturday, April 14, 2012

Reese is home!

Baby girl is home! And we have now survived 3 days as a family of 4. I am proud to say that I did Thursday and Friday with no help...and even fit in a doctor's appointment on Friday (made it on time!). Ray, Gina, & Nicky helped on by watchig Eva for me so that I could go get my incision checked with Reese. Very helpful!

Ready to leave the NICU!

"Helping" Daddy get Reese out

First family picture at home!

First cloth diaper: lil joeys

Settled in for her first night at home. We got a 4 hour stretch, 3 hour stretch, and a 2 hour stretch (the batteries in the swing died!)

First morning (all snug in my SBP'd Wrapper's Paradise)

And now for some cloth diaper cuteness!
Swaddlebees AIO NB (how cute is that???)

Grovia AIO NB

Nana's Bottoms, size S

Sposoeasy, size XS

I am loving all the fluffy goodness!!