Friday, August 24, 2012

21 August 2012

Last week, Eva decided that naptime did not need to happen anymore. I happen to disagree, so after a long weekend at Mimi's, we decided to implement a schedule. Reese is getting old enough that she needs one and Eva has always liked having a routine. This is somewhat how our day goes. 8-8:30 wake up, potty, get dressed, breakfast, brush teeth 8:30-9:30 walk to park/pond
9:30-10 pool (we have our wonderful mini blow up pool right outside)
10-10:30 nurse Reese, Eva does free play (books, toys, etc), Reese goes down for nap 10:30-11:30 Eva and I do her preschool activities. We are using this curriculum here. It teaches a theme as well as a letter, number, and shape. She is doing really well with her colors and is recognizing several letters consistently.
11:30-12:15 lunch, Eva generally helps me make what we have, Reese normally wakes up in time for lunch and nurses while I eat. 12:15-12:45 Eva watches one show while I do tummy time/floor play with Reese 12:45-1:00 potty, brush teeth, read a book before nap 1-2:30/3 Eva and Reese nap- yay for mommy nap and quiet too! And then the rest of the day is Stephen's day to plan. We just go with it. :) I had this can of formula on the edge of the counter (sample from the hospital) and Eva thinks that it is "popcorn". "Eva loooooves popcorn". She also COVERED Reese's face in it because "Reesie looooooves popcorn!"
Pretty girl
Baby shower for a friend
Teams of 2 designed what they thought the baby is going to look like.
And my big girl
Reese's first time in the swings