Monday, August 27, 2012

An Information Post on all Things Circumcision

Disclaimer: as a mother of two girls, you may wonder why I would address a subject like this. And it is simply this: two of my best friends are expecting boys. One has decided not to circumcise because her and her husband chose to research the information for themselves. The other one has chosen to circumcise because her husband (in my personal opinion) has done no research on the subject and doesn't realize what they are getting their baby into. Just because I have two girls and because I am a woman myself does not mean in any way that I cannot have an opinion that I view as morally wrong. A lack of information (which many of the last generation of parents had) is different from willful ignorance. I simply do not believe there is the information or research to back up such an dangerous practice. The AAP should be ashamed of themselves. While other countries like Germany are outlawing circumcision, the AAP is encouraging a practice that is outdated and dangerous.
Did you know that RIC (routine infant circumcision) kills over 100 babies a year in the USA alone?
One family's loss and the coroner's report. Are you willing to risk your baby's life? Did you know that up to 96% of babies receive no anesthesia when they are being circumcised?Even the dorsal penile nerve block leaves the underside of the penis receptive to pain. Only 45% of doctors who do circumcisions use any anesthesia at all. Obstetricians perform 70% of circumcisions and are least likely to use anesthesia - only 25% do. The most common reasons why they don't? A circumcision with adequate anesthesia takes a half-hour - if they brought your baby back sooner, he was in severe pain during the surgery. Did you know that the rate of circumcised boys in the US falls every year? And that in 2009, only around 30% of boys were circumcised? And even less than that in the world? Did you know that the foreskin has a purpose? Many purposes in fact. And a great list here as well. Did you know that circ'd men have a higher rate of erectile dysfunction? And more info here also. Did you know that it can prevent breastfeeding successfully? Did you know that your baby's foreskin will become part of the million dollar cosmetic industry? That you can buy a neonatal foreskin? That it may be used as the "new Botox?"
And more here also. Did you know that circumcision preformed as it is today started in an effort to prevent masturbation? Did you know that Biblical circumcision is not the same circumcision that is preformed today? Here is what the Bible says about circumcision for us as God's children today. Did you know that female circumcision was only outlawed in 1997? Did you know that the female clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings whereas the male foreskin has 20,000?! Did you know that no health organization advocates RIC? Did you know that circumcision is a cosmetic procedure? There is plenty of data to support this, however most of the links do have graphic male nudity so for that reason, I did not include them. Did you know that circumcision permanently alters your baby's brain? Did you know that the USA has the highest circumcised rate as well as the highest HIV rate? Why don't we teach our children how to practice safe sex instead of cutting off a part of them to possibly "prevent"? "It's only a piece of skin." Not true. The foreskin is HALF of the penis' skin. Again, there is plenty of data to support this, however most of the links do have graphic male nudity so for that reason, I did not include them. "But I want my son to look like me." Why? How many times in the next 18 years of his life do you plan on dropping trouser in front of him? "My husband has a penis, so he should make the decision." Isn't it your job as the mother to protect your new baby? Your husband's job should be to protect your baby, not wound him. Can your husband be against female genital mutilation simply because he doesn't have a vagina?
"I was circumcised and I am fine." Don't you want better for your son? "It's a personal choice."
This much blood (2.5oz) lost has already killed your baby.
Can you watch it? Watch a circumcision being performed. Still want to put your baby through that? Do you believe God made your baby perfect?