Friday, August 10, 2012

Updates for July and August

Oh goodness- I really fell off the wagon this past month. This last month has literally flown by.
This little lady loves her daddy.
Eva loves on Reese ALL DAY.
Pool time!
Chilling with Uncle Charles at this years family reunion
Be still my heart.
Sweet happy baby- bow is from my friend Nikki's Etsy shop
And this little lady spent the last two nights right outside our room in her own space. It felt weird but nice to have our room back after 4 months. Reese is a pretty sucky sleeper but she's a happy baby when she is awake so we try to forgive her. She is teething like mad and so of course is a bit grumpy. She definitely is a mama's girl which is totally welcome after Eva being such a daddy's girl from day 1.
All day long, Eva asks me "Kiss Reese? Hug her? Go nigh nigh with Reese?" She loves her.
Here are the frequent questions I have been getting. No, Reese is not eating solids yet. She is only 4 months old. Here is why we will be waiting until AT LEAST six months old to introduce solids. "Food before one is just for fun" She is not ready. She shows no interest. Breastmilk is all she needs. Read more on delaying solids here, here, and here. I could bore you with more, but that is the main idea. We plan on doing BLW (baby led weaning) just like we did with Eva. Skip the purees and go straight to table food. Read more about it here, here, and here. Yes, she is a good baby. No she doesn't sleep that great. Yes, you can have a good baby that doesn't sleep. Yes, she does eat all the time. Breastmilk digests faster than formula. No, I will not give her formula if she doesn't need it. No, she is not fussy, grumpy, etc every time you hold her. She just doesn't like it when ugly people hold her...hence why she loves her mommy so much! ;) And off my soapbox. Eva has quite the personality. She loves dressing up. Enjoy her latest creations.