Friday, December 7, 2012


 This little lady is so not like her big sister. At this age, Eva still had to be swaddled, held down, exhausted, and fed to sleep if sleep was even going to happen. Reese definitely wants to be warm and cozy feeling, but add in some white noise (as is in the case in the picture below, the clip clop of the side walk) and she will pass out.

Happy 1st Thanksgiving to my sweet girl!

 Eva managed to greet the side of the dining room table with her forehead. I heard the crack from the living room. She has quite the bruise (see below) as well as, count them, TWO BLACK EYES. Slathered her up with some ice and some arnica and she'll be as good as new in no time. But hey, she made it to 2.5 with no major injuries, so we'll count this as a victory.

 Hey, who is that? Yeah, suck it, landlady. Reese looks like me. Seriously, what is up with people telling a mother that "your babies look NOTHING (their emphasis, not mine) like you." ? I mean, I went through a lot to get this little lady. Please lie to me and say she does. Eh, you don't have to. Anyone with two eyes can see that Reese is mine. :)

 Merry Christmas, ya'll!