Friday, December 28, 2012


I need to keep track of some of the things that fly out of this girl's mouth. Here are some 

recent gems.

"Mommy, bring Reese into my room." 

(I sit down to play with them.)

"No, you go away. We only play together."
*15 minutes of peacefully playing together* 

"MOMMY! Reese is pooping!! Come here! Come here! Take her out! Take her out!"


Upon getting out of her bed this morning, Eva announced "I want to make a mess." Well, at least she's honest.


Eva has turned against me and now energetically shouts encouragement "GO, REESE! You can walk now! Please walk now and come play with me! GO! REEEESE!"


"I want a new baby to be born so I can holdin' her." 


"I'm have a sister named Alice." News to me, kid.


"Eva, are you in your room?" "no!" "Where are you?" "right here." "where is right here?" "In my room!"