Tuesday, May 21, 2013



How is already the 21th?! In the last 3 weeks, I've turned 24, Monica has turned 21 (at bootcamp- could there be a worst place to turn 21 at?), I celebrated my 4th Mother's Day, and so, so much more.

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24th birthday!

Princess activity at the library with Mimi

And of course, the patio that Stephen is helping Dad put in. It's looking fabulous. 

And the two highlights of my week. I was able to have a mommy date with Katie, sans kids, at Olive Garden and then pedicures. Heavenly. 

My other highlight was Friday. Most of my readers know the background that we come from, so I'll spare you the details. Needless to say, I was able to get together with a friend from the group that we left over 4 years ago. Actually, the last event that we attended was this friend's wedding. 

Karyn has since had 2 kids and we share so many of the same opinions on childbearing, child rearing, and healthy living. I had been reading her blog since she started it about a year ago. Most of our decisions are not super common and I go out of my way to keep them under wraps and away from drama. Anyway I shot her an email to congratulate her on the birth of her son and we chatted a bit, connected on Facebook and Instagram. When she mentioned something about getting together, I jumped on it. (I feel like a creepy, stalking, don't have any mom friends, kind of girl while writing this, just as an FYI. Don't laugh.) It really wasn't any of those things. 

We were able to meet up on Friday at the park and Eva & Arden (her daughter) hit it off right away. Eva is such a mothering type that she kept trying to guide Arden to different things at the park and Arden just refused to be guided. Very hilarious to watch. Karyn and I were able to chat about so many things. I really was expecting it to be sort of weird or to have a distance between us, but it wasn't at all! It is really cool how motherhood can take any gap or weirdness away and just make you instant friends. The girls were both troopers in the heat, which was nice, since Reese and Thayer decided to be boogery and attempt not to sleep in spite of both needing to. We had lunch, the kids played, chatted. 

After lunch, I headed back to the Dunavants house and we ended up staying for dinner! Dad was able to make it and Drew and Karyn came over for dinner as well. Super yummy brisket for dinner. Such a fun, fun day. You can read about her version of the day here. :)

Today was spent recovering from the weekend- the girls didn't wake up until 10! So, so nice. And this evening (or what is left of it) will spend recovering the house from this weekend.