Monday, May 12, 2014

Twice yearly update it is ;)

I guess I am switching to twice a year updates ;) Here it comes quickly in pictures.
Christmas 2013

First piggies. How cute is she? I can't even handle it.

My big girl turned 4.

Followed by my little girl turning 2.

Some big news....Bailey 3.0 is on the way!

And a recent picture of the belly. We are team green, so you'll find out along with us in November whether this baby is a boy or a girl! I am feeling flutters all the time and I love it. I feel fantastic. Very blessed.

And in other big news, we bought a house! And moved to WV. Things are crazy around here. It's a complete change for me and I'm still adjusting. Prayers for me and also for Stephen as he adjusts to a long commute.

Some birthday party pictures taken by Victoria. See them all here. These are just a few of my favorites.

And yesterday we got home from an amazing trip to Florida. We got to spend the week with Monica and I got to see Briana several times. So fun.

Pedis with Briana and new sandals for my birthday

This picture still cracks me up. Her last words prior to falling asleep under here: "I don't like the dark." hahaha

Reese's face when I told her we still had more driving to do (12 hour drive phew)

Lots of exciting (and scary!) things going on in our household. Keep us in your prayers.