Tuesday, March 2, 2010

39 Week Dr's Appt

Yesterday was my 39 1/2 week dr's appointment. He has determined that I am a fingertip dialated, so that's good news. On Thursday, I will be 40 weeks, so he has ordered an ultrasound to find out how big the baby is. It's amazing with the ultrasounds that they have now that they can determine approximately how much the baby weighs. Because of the four different due dates they have given me (Feb 23, Mar 4, Mar 7, Mar 13), they want to make sure she is ready before they induce.

I'm really hoping that we won't end up with another 9 pounder like so many other babies on both sides of the family, but as long as Miss Evie is healthy, I will just be happy to have her here with me. If Evie is ready, on Monday we will talk induction.