Monday, March 1, 2010

Trip to Fredericksburg on the Full Moon

Nope, nothing happened. We went to Fredericksburg yesterday, on the full moon no less and came back baby-less. (For those not knowing the signifigance of the full moon, read, Pumpkin was born on the full moon, so us going to Fredericksburg made his parents extremely nervous...or would have, if we had told them that we were going.

I had a wonderful time getting to see my family and some friends after being cooped up in the house for several weeks. My dad is getting really anxious, I think he is more stressed than Pumpkin, Mom, and I all put together. Other people that made it to my parents were the Brusbys, the Dunavants, Nathan and Monica, and Daniel & Carrie.

We also had a great time getting to go to Jessie at Sonic. While the guys were at the mall, Carrie and I headed over to Sonic and got to spend a little over an hour with Jessie (and Monica).

On the way home, we had dinner with Daniel and Carrie at 5 Guys. I don't ever remember a hamburger tasting as good as it did last night- my body must have been in need of some severe red meat! I couldn't help thinking that the next time that I see everyone, I will *hopefully* have a little baby! We made it home at around 8:30 and fell straight into bed. It was a long and very enjoyable day.