Saturday, May 8, 2010

Still sleeping through the night! First Vaccinations, More Visitors, Birthdays, Mother's Day

We are still the happy parents of a baby still sleeping through the night. It's been 3 weeks now since her first 5 hour stretch and it has continued with only one night of interruption.

We are also still getting tons of smiles. I cannot describe how happy it makes me when I see that big ol' grin when we sit with her and talk to her. She is such an easy baby and so sweet.

Auntie Carol has come to visit us. She arrived on May 1st and will be here until the 15th. She has been an amazing help, I am going to be so spoiled when she leaves.

Evie had her first vaccinations on Wednesday. She was such a brave baby. She had six vaccinations, but thankfully only three needles and one oral. The nurse was very professional and did it quickly. Eva cried for about two minutes afterwards and then she fell right asleep in my arms. I think it was a lot harder on me than on her. Because of the recall on Tylenol, I had to stop by the grocery store and pick up some store brand baby's ibuprofen. The doctor recommended NOT giving it, but after talking with several moms, I decided to go ahead with it. She slept most of the day afterwards but that night went a lot better than I was expecting.

This week is my 21st birthday and my first Mother's Day. Stephen got a little overly excited about my birthday present and had to give it to me early last week. He has such great taste in jewelry and I was finely able to wear it today. Tomorrow, my actual birthday, we will be going to C'ville for the day and then out to eat with Mom and Dad in the evening, I believe.

We decided to wait on our date night until Monday night since the restaurants will be so crowded because of Mother's Day. So on Monday night, Mom and Dad will be coming over to watch Evie for a couple of hours while we go to Macaroni Grill and maybe some shopping.

On Tuesday, we have a girl's day planned. Izzy is taking everyone (ie MJ, Carol, Evie, and myself) out for fun girl stuff as a birthday present to Monica and I. I'm looking forward to it...more new experiences.

On Wednesday, we have a lake day planned on MJ's actual birthday. Sevearal of the young people who don't have to work are meeting up for some outside fun by the water. I hope that it is nice weather like we have been having and not too hot.

Tonight, Saturday night, Izzy is here and we are getting ready to make plans for dinner. Until next time...