Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some more October pictures :)

Our camera deperately needs a charging so I can get some new pictures! We were just noticing today that Eva is growing out of her changing table already! :) Thank goodness we got it for $10, so its not a big deal. I was just realizing that we furnished Eva's room for $60. We paid $10 for the changing table and $50 for the rocker. Izzy gave us the crib for a baby present and one of the Baileys neighbors gave us the dresser.

This past Friday, Eva and I went to a rummage sale and it was so fun! Crazy, cold, but fun. Izzy came along to help out with Eva. We got several pairs of jeans for $1 each, a bag of clothes for Eva for $7, some CDs and DVDs for $1 each, set of the Bobbsey Twins books for 50 cents each, a jewelry box for Eva for $3, and the list goes on. All in all, it was well worth our time. :)

Little Miss is rolling all over the place. She just won't stop for anything. :) Since we are doing baby led weaning, we have started introducing a couple of foods for her to play with. At this point, it is about learning and not really about nutrition. I know she is ready for more solids, so we are introducing them as fast as we can while we still watch for allergies.

She is not eating as much as I would like during the day because of her teeth, so she is waking up a lot to eat. It doesn't really bother me because they are basically a dream feed and I can study while holding her. :) I could numb her gums up or give her Tylenol during the day, but I'm really reluctant to stick medicine or drugs in a body that is not my own.

Pray for me that I can continue to be a testimony to some ladies that I have been communicating with online. They are all Christians and it is a great encouragement to hear from other Christians that are like minded and open. I want to be a testimony to them like they have been to me.

I am currently working 4 days a week and I love having Wednesdays off, a nice break in the middle of the week. We've been staying busy with lots of play dates to get some interaction for Megan and Nicholas.

At the end of the month, I'll be hitting a kids consignment sale in our area for some more winter clothes for Eva. She still has lots of dresses and leggings to go with the dresses, but she really needs some pants and shirts for the days when it has been super cold. I'll also have my eye out for some hats and socks. She is still not fitting shoes, her feet are still too chubby. :)

Working my way through school has been really hard with everything else going on. Between work, school, my house, teething Eva, and Stephen, my life has been nothing less than one big race. Mom keeps reminding me to prioritize, but that is much easier said than done. When Stephen is home, I want to be with him. But since I just got home from work, I really need to make dinner. But I'm behind on school, so I need to do that. Ugh. Like I said, prioritizing is much easier said than done. This weekend has been good because I've gotten more done than normal. I'm only 2 chapters behind instead of 7. You still can't see my couch because of all the clean laundry, BUT my kitchen counters are showing. I have two laundry baskets full of clean laundry that IS folded and not put away, BUT I have a sleeping baby and a happy husband. I think I'm doing okay...for now. :)

Until next time...