Monday, October 18, 2010

Solids and Schedule

Well today we had a diaper like no other! Little Miss is definitely teething, but it has been so on and off that I can never tell. I've been trying to make the switch off of soy formula because of some of the studies done on it. But as the evidence has shown, not even lactose sensitive formula is working for Evie right now. So we are making the switch back to soy, I think.

I am also trying to eliminate the middle of the night feeding/s. She is still sleeping 7-8 hours, but because she is eating so little during the day, she has to make up for it at night. People have told me that since she is no longer sleeping through the night, it means she is ready for solids. Well, she is eating as much as she wants and she is still waiting up. I'm really hoping for that tooth or teeth to pop through so everyone can get some sleep. Right now her schedule looks like this:

7am get up, leave for work
8am feed 6oz
9:30-11am nap
11am feed 6oz
2pm feed 6oz
2:30-4:30/5:30 nap
5/6:00 feed 6oz
7pm bedtime

She eats solids whenever I eat. And she eats whatever she can off of my plate. She is slowly branching out to more and more table food. So glad we skipped baby food and went straight to big girl food. :) We tried to feed her baby food tonight and she decided it was gross and blew it all over us. It was one of those moments as a parent where you have to laugh. She just kind of got this look on her face like, "I've been gypped!" And then she proceeded to reach for my plate with spaghetti on it. She had her first taste of yogurt tonight and was not a big fan.

I will try to get some more pictures uploaded soon and even a video. I wish google would cooperate and let me upload something for once!

Until next time...