Monday, November 22, 2010

Happiest After Nap

Here is our little girly chatting me up right after her morning nap. She is very friendly and always so happy right after some good sleep. Its fun to get out of the house, but I love the baby I get after lots of sleep! She has started the fake coughing and I think its pretty adorable.

Stephen has created a play area near her room and the bathroom so I have somewhere to put her when I need a shower. It consists of a sleeping bag unzipped and laid out surrounded by every pillow that we own. Its pretty nice although I'm sure once she starts crawling, it won't be anything all that great. :) Here we are, hanging out in the area.

When you are poor, you become creative. Monica bought Eva this board a while back and we still hadn't hung it. Then I came up with the brilliant (if I do say so myself) idea of hanging ribbons from the bottom to put Eva's many bows onto. Needless to say, this girl doesn't need any more bows or we will need a new bow hanger! $ saved: $27ish

Today Eva and I have been wrapping Christmas presents and birthday presents (Nicky, Abigail, Ray, and Stephen's birthdays are in December) so our house is a scrambled mess. Time to get back to cleaning that up.