Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More November Updates

Little Miss is up on her hands and knees rocking, so you know what that means? Crawling is coming soon! She is still teething and I'm in the process of trying to figure out if the pulling on the ear is teething or an ear infection. So far, it seems most logical that it is connected to teething. We go into the doctor in less than a month, so if it hasn't cleared up by then, I will certainly be asking him.

She is eating, sleeping, and pooping on time with lots of love and snuggles in between. She had her first trip in the big girl cart instead of on my back. I know she wanted to see what I was doing so I set her in the front and she was very content.

We try to get in about half an hour a day in her play pen playing by herself. It isn't always successful, sometimes she needs a diaper change or to be fed or just plain gets bored, but we are working towards that. Its really difficult right now because she is going through seperation anxiety (I know its going to get worse, but how can it?!) and so whenever I leave the room, its instant hysteria. She also has a play area in the kitchen along with her walker so she plays there while I cook dinner.

Eva still LOVES her bath.

We tried on our Christmas dress today. She didn't like it. Well I don't think so. She threw up all over it. :)

She loves sitting up on her changing table and talking to me. She is very interested in the sounds her disposable diaaprs make since she is rarely in them. She mainly wears cloth diapers.

Eva loves having her picture taken.

I love this little girl more every day! 8 months since I met her. <3