Wednesday, November 3, 2010

And here we are at November!

In 2 days, Lil Miss will be 8 months old! Where is time going??

Here are a couple of pictures from the last part of October.

Girly LOVES yogurt, especially sharing it with me on the couch. Gotta be careful- this looks like a real natural at the couch potato thing.

And hanging out with Daddy:

And a day at the mall with Mommy and Daddy. Eva's favorite place while shopping (or on my back):

Stephen's hair is even shorter now than in this picture. He has it in the military cut now:

And two videos in the Jumperoo:

She is seriously the happiest baby you have ever seen. Now that her tooth is through, she never cries. Such a wonderful baby!

Our bedtime routinue is now a little more complicated that she is older. At 5:45/6, Stephen takes her on a walk for about 15 minutes. When they get back, we stick her straight in the tub for about 20 minutes. We then dress and diaper her followed by 3 bedtime books/stories with Stephen before a bottle to sleep. We are trying to wean her off the paci and only use it for bedtime, so she gets one that is attached to a blankie in her crib.

Boo is a crazy lady in the bathtub. If she is in there with me, she is perfectly fine: we read our bathbooks, I sing to her, we play with her ducky. But when she is in there by herself:

She is 95% cloth diapered and Stephen changed his first poopy cloth diaper today. He did great, no gagging, nothing! :) So proud of him. We had no leaks at night and the primarily leaks during the day on the days that I have Nicholas when I forget to change her.

She is doing well with learning her pincer grasp (being able to pick up things with the thumb and forefinger although we are definitely not there yet). She sits up unsupported for the most part, but when she gets distracted by someone talking to her, over we go! She is starting to go through seperation anxiety, but thankfully no stranger anxiety yet. She is passing things from hand to hand very well.

We are getting more "Dadas" and just as many "mamas". What a sweet girly. (Excuse the background music- Stephen and I were watching a movie :))

I had my 4th attack of what I believe to be either my gallbladder or gallstones. I did manage to make it out to the doctor today and it went well. Well as good as it could be. We did get an order for an ultrasound. If the ultrasound just shows gallstones, the pain can be treated with some diet changes. If it shows gallbladder, then we have to meet with a surgeon. The pain that comes with this was unlike anything I've ever felt before. This is a lot coming from me considering that my epidural from the c-section wore off while they were stitching me up. I did actually pass out from the pain early this morning and Stephen found me laying on my stomach on the floor. Last night I tried a hot bath, some yoga, and finally ended up praying for 5 hours that the Lord would just take the pain away. Its unbelievable how scary it is when you don't know what is going on and you just can't get away from the pain! Fortunately my friend Sheena did suggest calling about gallbladder and we're on the track to figuring out the problem. No attack so far tonight, so hopefully we are in the clear (all four attacks have been around 10pm-2/3/4am). Keep me in your prayers that we can keep this under control until the doctors figure out what is wrong. I am supposed to watch for fever, throwing up, and pain, as they are all indicators that I should head to the ER.