Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Has it really been that long?

Wow! Its been a while since I updated, but here I am! Eva is crawling so well, here is a video from a couple of minutes ago:

New baby legs came in a couple of days ago. We love them! They are great for quick diaper changes and she wears a lot of them around the house. Its a cell picture, so excuse the less than wonderful quality. :)

We have taken so few pictures thi month, so here are the few that we have. Hopefully we will get some great shots on Friday and Saturday during Eva's first Christmas!

Here are some moving pictures:

She loves her caterpillar and can sit on it all by herself. She's even getting pretty good at rocking back and forth.

Stephen shaved his head and he looks very scary! When we go out together, people literally jump out of the way. :)

We had a birthday/Christmas party for Abigail on Friday night. She gave us a free day of babysitting- she adores Eva which is great because Eva really loves her too.

We also had a Christmas party with James, Briana, and Lily on Saturday night. It is so much fun to see Eva and Lily interacting as they get older. They both loved Lily's Christmas present.