Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy late 9 months!

Boo is crawling! Well sort of. Its a very slowish army crawl, but she is moving. She still prefers to roll everywhere, but its exciting to see her scooting along on her tummy. We are going to try to get a video this week if we can.

We are gearing up for Christmas. I only have 2 more gifts and then I am DONE. Stephen still has a bit to do. We have decided that we are going to have a sleepover on Christmas Eve wherein Nate, MJ, and Izzy are going to spend the night. On Christmas Eve, we each get to unwrap some jammies from an anon person to wear that night and then on Christmas morning. Well, not really anon, but next year, it will be! :D I was in charge of Nate and Eva, Stephen is in charge of Monica, Monica is getting Stephen, Izzy is in charge of me, and Nate is in charge of Izzy. We are really excited!

Moving is in our near future since the landlords are selling the house, so we have started packing. No idea where yet, but we are looking at getting a large townhouse to rent with Nate, Monica, and Izzy. Pray for us that the Lord will guide us. Today, Mr. Bailey goes to talk to the CEO of Dunbar about Stephen's job, so be in prayer for that as well.