Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Computer Crash and other news from the Bailey household

So in the last power outage, our computer crashed and we lost all our pictures from the first part of February. It wasn't many, but I'm still a little bummed. Thank the Lord for camera phones because we still have a couple of things on there that I am uploading to Facebook. :)

Eva can stand!! She did it on Valentine's Day and was doing great...until she realized what she was doing! :) She has done it about once a day since then and always does well until she realizes it. :) She is just a tiny little scaredy cat like her mommy.

We had a very fun Valentine's Day filled with Pei Wei and lots of cuddling for all involved. This was Eva's first Valentine's Day, so we had a special Valentine's Day outfit. I had to work early in the day, so here is the picture of her with Avery. Avery was born 3 days after Eva at the same hospital. Actually her parents were checking in around the same time that we were leaving. :)

And my Valentine to Stephen:

It says: I don't have much money and I'm not very funny. So instead of Eva's poo, here is my Valentine's gift to you. :) He loved the pictures that we got taken for V-day and of course, the chocolate.

Happy Valentine's Day!

And finally, a funny picture to brighten your day. Eva doesn't touch her headbands at all. Except when we are in the car. Out of Mommy's sight. She had pulled this down and fallen asleep under here. :)

We are a little over two weeks from Eva's FIRST birthday! I can't even believe it. <3

Until next time...