Monday, March 21, 2011

WHAT??? 2 months???

I might be the worst blogger ever. Here we are over 6 weeks later and I am finally wishing Eva a very: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I am going to play some serious catch up here.

Here is some February 2011 pictures. Eva LOVES eggs and some salsa.

My calendar for March!

First time brushing her tooth. :) We are very bad and probably have not brushed once since then. Really need to get back on track with this. She had fun.

Eva is a "butt in the air" sleeper. :)

LOOOOVE babywearing So much fun time together. :) Eva is a huge cuddlebug and she is on me about 10 hours a day. :)

And yet, she is still so independent. Look at that red hair though!

Mom came up and spent a couple of days with us while Dad was away. Eva loves being with her "nana".