Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eva is going to be a big sister!

This mama is very tired and feeling yucky which I'm taking as a good sign that this baby is growing strong and well inside me!

Here are a couple of pictures before I take my tired self to bed.

A VERY faint positive pregnancy test (10 DPO)

4 weeks

5 weeks

6 weeks

We missed week 7 because I've been sick, but here is week 8:

Yesterday I was 9 weeks, but I normally snap a photo on Thursday or Friday since that is closer to when this baby was actually concieved. :) I've been feeling okay, just very tired, pretty sore. My first appointment is when I am 10 weeks, 5 days, so on the 29th. We'll also be getting Eva's 18 month pictures taken in the morning of that day. I'm really, really hoping to get hear Bobo's heartbeat in my first appt. It might make up for all the other unpleasantness that comes with a first appointment ;)

August pictures coming up!