Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 2011

Here are some more updates. Eva has well over 40 words that she uses daily and she seems to be learning new ones as fast as we talk to her! She is doing lots of imitating of when we talk. Last night when we were talking about what we should call her little brother or sister and tossing around names, she was able to imitate almost every name that we threw at her.

Speaking of baby names, it's like a war zone in our house whenever names get brought up. Seriously, between Stephen being picky and me being a slight brat, this baby shall remain nameless forever. Maybe he/she will pick his/her own name when they get old enough.

Here are a couple of pictures from late July and early August. Still having fun with my camera, but haven't had as much time to experiment.

I cleaned out from under the recliner and this is how she thought it should stay.

Eva eats everything we eat and so far hasn't refused anything. But she DOES love her noodles!

One of Eva's FAVORITE things to eat is ice. My mom got her hooked on it. When I was giving her ice chips several days ago, she was walking away without putting it in her mouth and then coming back for more. This is what I found when I finally got up to see what she was doing.

The piano bench was very wet, but no worse for wear.

We have since decided that a cup works much better for her and she is quite happy with it.

What little girl hasn't dressed up in her daddy's clothes and waltzed around? Eva sure has. She was quite pleased with herself.

This little girl is styling. She loves nothing better than sunglasses and a pair of mommy's underwear around her neck.

Eva is finally to the age where I feel comfortable with her watching a bit of tv. She'll sit for about 5 minutes at a time, but it allows me to get a shower or change the wash load or even do part of the dishes! She loves WordWorld on Netflix instant play right now.

And I love this picture just because it shows her pretty eyes and calm nature. This is the Eva that I spend the day with everyday. It makes me feel extremely blessed that she is a toddler that doesn't hit, bit, etc. She is a good listener and the sweetest baby that I have ever had the privilege of taking care of. And she is MY baby! This picture was taken as we were cuddling before her bedtime.