Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Fotos!

We've had some fun days with our camera enjoying this AMAZING weather. I've managed to make it on a walk every day with this little lady and she enjoys nothing more than her "walk-walks". She also LOVES self portaits. :D

She loves being tickled by Daddy!

Just hanging out

Hugs from Dada

Mommy can't resist those beautiful eyes!

15 weeks picture (I can't find my 14 week, but I know I have one) I accidentally wore the same shirt for 16 weeks, but you'll see a bit of difference, I think.

And here I am at 16 weeks, so I guess I have popped a little bit from the pictures that I was looking at. But I still look very much round instead of pregnant. WHERE'S MY BELL-AYYY???

Eva, after wearing her amber necklace since 6 weeks, has recently discovered that she indeed is wearing a necklace (or two). This was her reaction.

We've been working with Eva on building towers and this is her tower from last night.
"hmmm, where to start?"

Jumping right in!

Stacking three in a row!

It's getting bigger!

Look at our tower!

Push it allllll down!

Until next time...