Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lots of pictures and updates 10/2011

Well, it's been since August 18th since I updated last! I am 16 1/2 weeks along now and here are some pictures of my (disappointingly) still the same stomach.
9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks

12 weeks

13 weeks

As I said, I am 16 weeks, but the last 3 weeks are still on the camera. I'm feeling great, although I still wake up every morning looking for my pregnant belly to appear and it is NOT here yet. As of today, I still haven't gained a single pound. Actually from the weight I got pregnant with Eva at, I am 17 pounds lighter! I am feeling quite a few kicks though, so that's wonderful! I felt some around 11/12 weeks and hadn't felt any regular ones until this week. The kicks are absolutely my favorite part about pregnancy. It's a reminder of this wonderful little life that you are growing inside of you.

I'm off Facebook for a week. it's kind of an experiment in our house to see how we do without all our technology. It's been 24 hours and I still haven't gone through any withdrawals, so FX!

Eva has a new car! I couldn't resist when this car went down to the lowest I had seen it go. It was SUPPOSED to be a Christmas present, but we MAY have opened it and now she LOVES it. It is the toy that she plays with everyday. We take it on a walk everyday too!
Daddy figuring out all the pieces


And the cute story behind this picture. :) If you come to our house around bedtime, you'll see our routinue goes something like this. Normally Stephen gives Eva a bath while I get her jammies and nighttime diaper ready to go. (when cloth diapering, the big challenge is the nighttime diaper) I also try to tidy up her room, the living room, and maybe check on the wash. Then Eva gets to brush her teeth (ie suck all the yummy toothpaste off her toothbrush) while I get her dressed. We all come into the living room and talk for a little while before it's time for her to go to bed. She has, since this car arrived, decided that she needs to ride this car to her bedroom door. The car, at this time of day, becomes the "Nigh-Nigh Train". Stephen and I push it along and make the appropriate car/plane/train noises until we arrive at her door. I announce, "Welcome to your station, ma'am!" She climbs out of her car and we go into her room where we finish the night time routinue with hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy before going to bed. Surprisingly (or maybe not) this has cut down on SO much crying at bedtime. She knows what comes next and we don't have a lot of fighting any more. It is WONDERFUl!

The "Nigh-Nigh Train" stays outside of her room until the next morning when it becomes the "Take Me To Breakfast" Car! :)

Eva, like many children I am sure, is a HUGE fan of mac & cheese. or as she likes to call it: " 'n cheese".

Another of Eva's very favorite things to eat is shepherd's pie! If I can't get her to eat anything else, she will always eat this.

Many times, it gets very quiet in this living room when I am in the kitchen. It is so nice though to have a baby who enjoys reading books so much. That is the first "toy" that she goes to in the morning. I'm hoping she is like me, in that respect. My dad always tells me that life got MUCH easier when I learned how to read, but for now I don't mind reading to Eva. :)

Something that Eva & Nicky do quite a bit of: they both enjoy reading in the window in the living room. They will grab a couple of books, climb up in there together and look at books.

What little girl hasn't put on her dad's clothes? Maybe even pranced in it pretending it is a wedding dress? here is Eva enjoying Daddy's white shirt.

Leave a girl alone with chocolate for ONE minute and this is what you get (SOMEONE got their daddy's sweet tooth!)

Eva now knows all her body parts and then some! She knows: head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, neck, ta-tas (boobs :D), tummy, pee-pee, legs, knees, hands, fingers, toes, and feet! She is learning things SO far. Her vocabulary is growing every day and she is speaking in some 2-3 word "sentences". Unfortunately, even though she is doing so well with talking, we ALSO hear a lot of whining. We are working on this and it normally only comes when she is desperately tired.

She can help clean up her books and toys and her current favorite toy (besides her car) is her "blocks". Blocks to her mean mega blocks, duplos, or her wooden blocks. She is building some impressive towers and can knock them down with astonishing force.

Eva is up to 12 teeth and has been for some time. She has the 8 front teeth and 4 molars. We are ANXIOUSLY awaiting the eye teeth. She was really working on them for a while, coupled with the awful diapers, the fevers, drooling, crying, but it seems to have died down...for now. *knock on wood*

Eva HATES milk. She comes by it honestly, Stephen and I both don't drink milk. Ever. She doesn't even like chocolate milk. She's not a fan of juice, but she does love "wa-bee" (water). She calls her beloved paci a "bah-bee". I'm sure she could say it correctly, but I adore it and smile every time she asks for her "wa-bee" and "bah-bee" (normally when she is tired).

We go on at least once walk every day with her. I can use the exercise while pregnant and Stephen enjoys it in the evening, so I can get a shower or make dinner. She loves her "walk-walk" and it is her favorite part of the day.

Eva has one nap and it's normally around 2 hours long. She typically sleeps 12-14 hours at night. She has been waking up in the middle of the night occasionally lately, really crying, so I think we might be entering a night terror/ nightmare stage. But she always wakes up smiling in the morning and is a real fun little girl to be with.

And one more sweet story, without pictures! Tonight I asked Eva, "How old are you?" Her reply? "Imma baby."