Friday, December 2, 2011

Babywearing Mama

I can't wait until Bobo gets here and I have another baby to wear. I have been thinking back over some of the carriers that I've owned over the past 21 months and it has been fun. Here are a couple of old pictures that I found :)

Back carry with a RS

I can't believe how little she is in the this Beco Butterfly!

The name of the weave that this RS is made out of is called: Eva :)

I miss this O&A! What a tiny little baby!

More carriers in the Beco Butterfly

First time back carry in a woven wrap!

First time falling asleep in a carrier- she was TIRED. This is our Boba!

Shopping in the Boba

Going through airport security to CA in the Boba!

4th of July parade in the Boba!

Back carry in an O&A HB:

Helping mommy cook dinner in a Oh Snap HB

And of course, at least one picture of Stephen BW. I know I have more, but I can't find them! (I think that means that I have too many pictures!)

Right now Stephen uses the Gemini mostly on the front and when I wear Eva, it is on the back in the Boba. We have Wrapper's Paradise that has been converted into a RS.