Thursday, February 23, 2012

Eva loves her kitchen!

But she seems to be missing the point of the stove. This is where we find her hiding. And giggling.

And a belated Valentine's Day to you! We didn't have a babysitter so we got some filet mignon, made some mashed potatoes, salad, the works. It turned out even better than we could have gotten at a restaurant plus we got to celebrate with Eva! :)

Eva is officially in baby mode. She likes to change her baby several times a day. She loves using Bobo's newborn diapers because they fit her dollies better. Here she is putting a diaper on her baby. I'll hear her talking to her baby, "NO! Sit still!" so I guess her baby likes to wiggle during diaper changes too!

Speaking of diaper changes, she is fast approaching a non diaper needing stage. When she is awake and we are at home, she rarely has accidents now. She is big on going "poop on Dora" (Jessie gave her a Dora potty seat) and we haven't had too many accidents lately. Her last one was on Tuesday and that was because she decided she had to go JUST as I had completely soaped up my hair in the shower. So by the time, I was able to get out, it was too late :)

Reese's cloth diaper stash is almost complete. I have lots of fun fluff that I can't wait to try. Her stash is made up of:
12 Kissaluv fitteds, size 0 (KL0)
12 newborn prefolds
6 Thirsties Duo Wrap, size 1
6 Nana's Bottoms
6 BumGenius AIO, size XS
1 Grovia NB AIO
2 Lil Joey AIO
2 Swaddlebees
3 Tots Bots Tiny Fit
2 Swaddlebees Mini Nappis
....and several more diapers on the way. I'm excited to put all these tiny diapers on my baby girl! I'll have to snap a picture of the stash.

Pregnancy is getting more uncomfortable every day. I am ready to meet my baby! 36 weeks and counting. here are some recent belly shots.
32 weeks and breech :( She did flip later that week but boy, it is PAINFUL having a baby's head in your ribs!

33 weeks

35 weeks

And today's picture 36 weeks!

Last night I was starting to think we were going to have a baby soon. I had contractions 5 minutes apart for over 3 hours. And as soon as I told someone, they stopped. Thanks, kiddo! I'm feeling huge, but today at the park, someone told me that I looked really small. That made my day!

My baby will be 2 soon! Our goal was to have a tiny party just for Eva's friends. Well, we have 11 adults and 3 kids...I tried. The other night we had a tiny birthday party with one of her favorite people in the world: "NATE!" He brought pizza, cake, and presents. She kept wishing herself a "happy 'day!" (her version of happy birthday)

It's a Dora doll!! She loves taking this dolly everywhere. :)