Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Some more May picture updates

So this is what a 6 day NICU stay looks like without insurance. Our insurance somehow got Reese's birthday as the 9th, instead of the 4th. So all care before the 4th is "not covered." How they think they provided care to her for 5 days in the NICU before she was even born is beyond me!
Sweet girl
On the days that it is nice enough, Eva likes to get in some pool time.
And sometimes invites her friends over to play in it with her.
Afterwards, we do a fun craft. This day we happened to use colored shaving cream (with some finger paints to paint:
and then clean the kitchen floor!
We took a family trip to CM Crockett Park in Warrenton to rent a paddleboat and then have a picnic. Mimi joined us for lunch.
Loading up!
Eva sitting next to me says about this picture: "That's me! Eatin' strawberries at park on a blanket."
And sweet little one:
Love her!!!
This picture cracks me up every time!
Sleepy girl
Current diaper stash
First pair of woolies. Read more about wool cloth diapering here.
And now you are all caught up on our month so far!