Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm so original with blog titles, it almost kills me.

A couple more May updates are coming your way. And here we are in June! I can't believe it. Reese will be 2 months in a couple of days! Cloth diapering her baby :)
Eva decided to take our activity the other day one step further and use sour cream from dinner. I was not pleased.
We were able to have a playdate yesterday with Nicky. Eva always enjoys herself.
"painting" with water on the house
And cooling off after pool time, painting with water, and painting pictures with a little tv.
And sleeping away (almost) the whole time!
The changing table is her favorite place in the entire place. I sat next to the table for 20 minutes once while she laid there and talked to the wall.
And the swing is her next favorite place. She talks to herself in the mirror on the underside of the swing.
Reese is awake a little more every day. When she is awake, she thinks she needs to be eating. She smiles every day but she's sort of stingy with those smiles. Her fists are uncurling more, not tight little balls of fingers all the time. She breastfeeds with one eye on Eva at all time. This might be due to the experience of Eva using her head as a drum while yelling "BOOMA-BOOMA!" This is Eva's drum noise and while Eva enjoyed it, Reese did not. As for Eva, she is absolutely amazing. She is talking in sentences now. She calls me "baby" probably that's because I call her that. She calls my dad "honey" because that's what my mom calls him. There is almost nothing funnier than hearing a two year old yelling "HONEYYYYYYY! HONEYYYYYY!" while running through the house. She is getting to the pretend stage and I LOVE hearing her taking care of her dolls and talking to them. This week, she recognized the number "1" and named it one! She also can count to 14 now. She recognizes the colors blue, green, and yellow. I can't believe how much she is learning. It's so wonderful for things to be FINALLY clicking in when we have been working for so long on things. She is absolutely obsessed with brushing her teeth. If you can't find her, she is probably in the bathroom eating toothpaste. Some days aren't that great. But I still love my girls and being home with them. It's totally worth it at the end of the day. I wouldn't change my life for the world. Thank you God for all your blessings on me!