Friday, April 5, 2013


Today was a full day with doctors appointments, a signing class, and then ballet.

Weight: 25lbs, 6oz (95th percentile)
Height: 28" (45th percentile)
Head: 47.5cm (95 percentile)

Weight: 36lbs (90th percentile)
Height: 35.5 (50th percentile)

Overall, they behaved very nicely for the doctor, Eva answered all her questions, and Reese protested loudly to sitting still. 

This was followed by our first ASL class taught by my new friend Kelli. When we entered the door, we were supposed to "turn off our voices". It was very quiet in the room, except for Reese's screeching and Eva occasionally talking. 

She also told me while in the midst of the quiet that "I'm the only one being SO LOUD." She realized she was the only one making noise. And did not care. At all. I wonder where she gets that from. 

Ballet this afternoon was a delight as always. We had a new teacher, who although nice, was nowhere near as...perky as Miss Ashley. Good heavens, that girl has some energy. I think I can definitely say that she has no children. ;)

This weekend, Stephen is taking a motorcycle class. He's gone tonight, tomorrow morning/afternoon, and again on Sunday. I'm happy that he's happy but very nervous about this new adventure. I won't lie, life insurance is next on my shopping list.