Friday, March 19, 2010

Evie is 2 weeks old!

I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since we first held our baby girl! A lot has changed and we are learning so much, not only about the baby, but about each other. There is nothing more wonderful and amazing than a husband who gets up with the baby at 2 in the morning or does the dishes.

Today we had our 2 week check up with Dr. Ben. He was great, even though Evie hates her doctor's appointments. Something about being undressed and then poked at tends to get even the most understanding baby a little upset. She is gaining weight right on track, hit 9 pounds exactly today. Dr. Ben started talking about what to expect in the next 6 weeks (until her 2 month check up) and I realized he was telling me about concepts that I had read in Babywise. :) It was the greatest feeling to have the pediatrician behind us and encouraging us in the methods we are attempting to use. But it was also great to have him reassure me that it doesn't work for everyone and that it might take longer than the book tells you.

More visitors this week: our landlord and family and their nanny came down last night, bearing gifts. Nothing like a baby to bring on the clothes. Eva has so many amazing and cute clothes. We are still working our way through them, just so she can wear all of them at least once. :)

Tonight Dad & Mom are dropping by for a little while before heading home. This weekend we are going to keep working on her sleeping habits. She loves her swing and today she went down twice while still awake. Drowsy, but awake. PROGRESS!