Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I Made It!

I made it through my first day without Pumpkin or Mom here to help out! Thankfully Evie slept really well last night, so even though we had some hysteria at feeding time today, it wasn't anything we couldn't handle. She is settling in a schedule, little by little, so in a few days or weeks, hopefully we can start changing it to accomodate ours. I managed to get a shower, clean a little, and finally settle into computer time all while she is STILL sleeping! Gotta love the newborn stage. :)

Next step: big girl bed in her own room. I think we are going to try it this weekend. Her room is really cold, so we may have to turn up the heat for her to sleep comfortably. She is definitely a tummy sleeper, so we have had to compromise with her sleeping on her side. She likes her paci, especially when we go out to the store.

Grandma Frankie, one of Mom's FB friends, sent a gift card that we used for a swing. I was not originally planning on using a swing, a better name would be the Neglect-O-Matic, but she LOVES her swing. One of the many adjustments Mommy has already made.

Miss Evie has had LOTS of company! Of course, grandparents on both sides are over here as much as possible. Aunties Jessie, Katie, & Amber came with Ella. Daniel & Carrie, Ryan & Mary & Madi, Ray & Gina & the boys, Uncle Nate & Aunt MJ, Uncle Elliot have all made it out in the past week. Having everyone here has made me miss the real world- can't wait to get out, be able to drive, go to the store, the gym, and back to work!

She had her newborn photo shoot on Saturday. Mary did a great job- I have LOVED the 60 photos we have seen so far and can't wait to see what else she has. Once we get the CD, we can get our annoucements out. It's a little late, but I think it will be worth the wait. :)

Today at 12 days old, Miss Evie's umblical cord has fallen off. Wow! Was that an experience! I had no idea what I was looking for, so when it was bleeding a little bit, that was a little scary. Thankfully Mom has been here and she able to reassure me that blood was actually normal.

The incision is doing well, I am getting around pretty well. I can still tell when I have been doing too much. Typically days or nights like that end with me taking a percocet and calling it a day. Percocet has been a life saver- no, I'm not addicted, but it's nice to have it when I do need it. :)

Friday is Evie's 2 week pediatrician appointment. Aunt MJ will be coming with us since I can't lift the car seat still. Then on Tuesday, I have my two week check up with Dr. Tudder. We really wanted to make it out to the gathering this Sunday, but since meeting is in Richmond, we are going to wait until next time. Next time it's in Fredericksburg, I think we will try to make it.

Until next time...