Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy 3 Week Birthday, Evie!

Miss Evie is 3 weeks old as of yesterday. No, I didn't have the time to update yesterday. The cold is making it's rounds. Miss Evie is still a little congested, but less time each day. That makes life a lot easier. Suctioning her nose out isn't fun for any of us. I feel like I am on the tail end of it and Pumpkin got it full blown. He actually went out and bought DayQuil, which for those that don't know him...well, that means he's pretty sick. He is taking a nap right now with Evie, so hopefully everyone will wake up happier and more well rested.

Today has been a big score for Mommy! I put Evie to sleep while fully awake and she went to sleep on her own...well after sticking her paci back in 20+ times and playing Josh Turner while running the washer. She loves her "white noise." :) The doctor wants us to continue this, so that Evie sees her bed as her bed and not US as her bed.

And 4 black trash bags later...a friend at Stephen's work gave him 4 black trash bags FULL of baby clothes. I worked my way through them last night and this morning and found SO many cute things. Bri and I will have the best dressed babies in the area!

Until next time...