Saturday, October 30, 2010

Crawling is in the near future!

Yesterday, Eva managed to scoot about 6 inches on her tummy! Crawling is near...let the fun begin!

Trip to PA was canceled so Stephen was able to help his dad with a project on the porch. I made it out to the 1/2 price rummage sale, so between all three days managed to score all of my Christmas gifts (for Nicky, RJ, Lily, Emily, and Megan), Eva's entire winter wardrobe, Eva's Christmas presents, and some maternity clothes for a close friend for under $150! I am psyched! And I got some really adorable clothes for girly. We got 8 toys brand new still in the package, so all in all, I am very pleased. :)

Planning on taking the rest of the weekend to chill. Mom might be coming up, time for some winter clothes shopping as it is COOOLD now.