Monday, October 25, 2010

"Mama" and "Dada"

We've got some words! We hear Eva all day, "Mama, Mama, Mama." And then when she is upset, "MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!"

Finally on Friday, we got a "Dada!" She looked right into Stephen's eyes and said it. Wow! The look on his face was exactly like what I saw when he first heard Eva's heartbeat. It just melted my heart. He has since then been on the mission to get her say it again. She has only said it twice, but both times have been to him. :) So maybe she doesn't know, maybe she does.

This weekend we are going to Nana and Pop-pop's (Stephen's grandparents). We are hoping to get some pictures of the 4 generations- should be a fun time. They live in Lancaster, PA, so we are hoping to hit a couple of shops for some handmade gifts/blocks for Eva.

Eva's tooth is continuing to come through and we are back to 10 hours at night. She sleeps from 7pm to 5am, eats 8oz, and then sleeps until 8/8:30. Hopefully she keeps that up.

Today I had a chance to observe at Bean Tree preschool in our area for school. It was a wonderful experience and I realized how much I miss the preschool/daycare setting. I observed in the infant classroom and in the three year old room since that is the main age groups that I work with.

On a side note, I've come to realize more and more that although people may not agree with choices that Stephen and I are making for our family, I don't care. If we have prayed about it and believe that we can do it in clean conscience, then it shouldn't matter.

That being said, Stephen and I have decided to celebrate Christmas this year. He remembers Christmas with very fond memories as a child spending time with family. We will not be teaching Eva about Santa Claus. It will be a celebration of our family and of Christ's fulfillment of His prophecy of one day coming to earth and dying for our sins. As Stephen was taught, we plan on teaching that Jesus' birthday is not actually on Christmas, but that is the day that we choose to celebrate. The focus will not be on the gifts, but rather on family and Christ. This will be my first Christmas as well as Eva's and we are very excited about it.

I don't expect most of the people reading to understand this, but I do ask that you respect the decision that we have come to. We love you all just the same!

I have also decided to make this blog private because of some of the "reporting" that we are getting. I wish that people could read things because they truly care and be happy for everything going on in our lives. I'm so tired of hearing about everything I do from other family members. If I left someone off this list, then please email me and I'll add you.

We love you all!