Sunday, October 24, 2010

We have a tooth!

Finally on Friday, October 22nd, we have a tooth. I'm kind of surprised it is here actually. It seems like she has had all the signs for several months now.

I was just telling Gina how I was starting to think it was my imagination. On Thursday, Izzy spent the night and we were all feeling Eva's gums talking about hard they were and how long they had been that hard. On Friday, Carrie, Izzy, Eva, and I rode down to Fredericksburg for a girls day and while waiting for lunch, sure, enough, there are the little ridges in her mouth! It is on the lower left side and just the top, but definitely is a tooth. :) She has been such a good baby with it and looking back on it, last week was the first week that we had some uncontrollable crying. On Wednesday, she screamed for several hours in the morning and it was the first time that I remember not knowing what to do with a child. It was horrible- turns out that tooth really wanted to come through!

I'm happy she is feeling better and for the first time in months, she is sleeping through the night again! She is still waking up around midnight to 1am crying, but last night, she found her paci (we've been attaching it to her blankie), put it back in and went back to sleep. Little girl is now a tummy sleeper, so we only leave a recieving blanket in the crib now. She sleeps in a fleece sleeper with socks, a sleepsack, and a recieving blanket on top. Because we don't control the temperatures, in fact, we close all the vents from up stairs, it does get kind of chilly down here.

This weekend, I hit Frilly Frocks and Polliwogs on Saturday and got Eva 9 Gymboree outfits with tags still attached for $47! I am really excited about that. Normally I couldn't afford to shop at Gymboree, but some of the clothes I got were from this spring's collection. I am constantly amazed at the amount of money that people in Northern Virginia throw around.

On Thursday, I have another huge consignment sale to hit. I'm hoping to get the rest of Eva's winter clothes there. She is in serious need of some actual winter clothes, not spring clothes with tights and a jacket.

On a side note, if anyone is using the Hylands teething tablets, now is a good time to stop. They have had a recall as of today.