Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Got Our Tree!

Stephen picked up our tree on Tuesday night. :) And he did a great job- it is so beautiful, perfect, and smells so yummy.

Eva loved it and couldn't stop looking at it. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't get a picture of her facing the camera. She just wanted to stare at the tree.

We did the lights while she was awake and watching.

Then I did the ornaments after she went to bed. Stephen didn't particularly care what order they went on, but knowing myself, I knew it would have to be perfect (at least in my eyes).

Here is Eva's ornament. I wanted something non-tacky, but yet memorable. We were going to do her handprint, but she just wanted to squeeze the clay. So we did her little foot! :)

We now have a TON of presents under the tree. Right now Nicky, RJ, Ray & Gina, part of Monicas, all of Eva's, Lilys, James and Briana, Cali, Casey, and Stephen's Christmas presents are under that tree. It doesn't fit under there in the slightest, but I am sure once we send these gifts off to their proper homes, it will be perfect. I'm going to try to get a good picture tonight.

We also hung the stockings. We have 3 large ones with our first initials on them for Stephen, Eva, and I and then 3 tiny ones with their first initials for Nathan, Monica, and Izzy. They are adorable! Izzy's stocking is already full and MJ's has a little bit of a surprise. We only have a couple more gifts until we are done- I want to just have fun with my shopping for the next month instead of not having an option and HAVING to go shopping. Plus I have found some AWESOME deals to have things shipped straight to the house, so I won't have to get a lot of gifts by fighting the crowds. The less stress = more time as a family.

Once I get all my ducks in a row with the presents, we start the baking. Stephen and I are going to cook lots of goodies together. We also are going to find a little boy/girl around Nicky's age and one around Eva's age and go shopping to get presents for them. We have done this for several years even though we have not celebrated in the past because for many children, this is the only toy or gift that they get all year. Its a very small way of making a difference but since having kids really hits home. Each of us has also gotten a teen to buy a couple of gifts for, so that should be fun to shop for as well.

Christmas spirit is definitely in the air over here!